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This is the first music Ascended Masters played.

We only played this piece a very few times live. Maybe twice. There might have been one more, but those are the only times I can remember. The first time (which was also our first show,) was opening for perennial avant favorite Bob Drake, much to Bob's chagrin. The performances were perhaps just shy of utter disasters, but hey, it was a lot of shit to try to keep together.

Sorry about the fidelity of this recording. These are the demos we made as we finished learning each movement. The third movement sounds particularly crummy. We did actually go into a real studio to record a proper album, but the engineer we were working with stopped taking our calls halfway into the sessions, and having been working on the same piece of music for just shy of a year, the decision was made to abandon ship and start working on new material. That new material became "megaproject THEME."


released October 10, 2008

Bill Graham - Keyboards (Rhodes, Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Synth Bass, Mellotron,) Vocals

Micah Martin - Guitar

Grant Muller - Drums

Composed by Graham/Martin




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Ascended Masters

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Track Name: I-i
I can feel a footbreeze
drifting out of a dust
One who's eyes characterize
juice that's been smashed from fruit

Recognize and perspire
'cause your lid is too new
Get a gig on a cruise ship, and
everything will fall apart

Honey you blew up the kids
because you hail from Utah
Halloween time isn't yet
so let's go to Sidebar and have a bar

I can speak good english
I learn it from a book
And though I may be a moose
I am not a crook
Track Name: I-iii
You need a fad for you math, I hope it tastes Gadd
'cause there are 50 ways, to eat from a chapstock
so send it in the mail

There's an automatic seat, made out of concrete
and I'll kick you in the seat, a couple of times
Where's my squid sandwich? Send it in the mail

What am I even trying to say?
Damanstration, damage trashcan
I will bottle you along with Kate Chopin
and attach you to an E-mail

Vomet has come to recover
the Chenglle Tower and the Greenl Sanke
while we drink hot sake attached to an email

Up and down and left and right
I think I smell a bonegas
And I hear it warning me
not to drink the cartilage juice
unless you're Proust

Jaundiced eyes catch a fire
on Lucifer's nutrient
My lightbulb fills up with dust
'til I take it away
it's gone to pray
Track Name: III-i
Tu's juevos son gatos
y sus ojos son Jesus
Los abrigos dle sol
tienen sus cebollas

Quite frankly I don't appreciate that,
Quite frankly dye won't depreciate fat

Gaseosa del jueso
corre en el mar
Jugo de sangre esta en me cunado
perro no le gusta alla

Schrenschnafales the beloved has rusted to dust
and though you think that he's going to bust
he stays very well fed
because he's dressed in fleas

There's an automatic bleat that's made out of quick-crete
and I'll punch you in heat
There are 20 days until Schrenschnafales will kick you in a blaze

Bread bowls fly around in nitrous
headdresses and polar skaters eye them
Julius crawling under white mares
offer frozen kisses for your soul

Hans of late has tried to drop out
I don't mind, I think that she is wasting
my time now I'm glad she works at Wendys
serving frosty deserts for parole

I'm six feet tall you're very small your folder is hid
But I've seen it you dressed in only sanskrit
and it's your droze I'd had had slid

Dudufu wants to talk to you because unlike drew
you're worth talking to but when he's through with you he'll pound you into a goo
Track Name: III-iii
The ancient ghost put to rest
would like a sip of your coat
One who's blind and catalyzed
by Negro Modelo and Artois

Tim E. Hat is a jerk
because his name is Tim
Perhaps if it were John
he could spread water

Thank you for listening
this has been our album
Other albums are not yet
please stay tuned for Oats and Thrett

I can feel a footbreeze
drifting off of his clothes
While they're sittin' there on my chair
I'd had had slid his Droze.