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Tu's juevos son gatos
y sus ojos son Jesus
Los abrigos dle sol
tienen sus cebollas

Quite frankly I don't appreciate that,
Quite frankly dye won't depreciate fat

Gaseosa del jueso
corre en el mar
Jugo de sangre esta en me cunado
perro no le gusta alla

Schrenschnafales the beloved has rusted to dust
and though you think that he's going to bust
he stays very well fed
because he's dressed in fleas

There's an automatic bleat that's made out of quick-crete
and I'll punch you in heat
There are 20 days until Schrenschnafales will kick you in a blaze

Bread bowls fly around in nitrous
headdresses and polar skaters eye them
Julius crawling under white mares
offer frozen kisses for your soul

Hans of late has tried to drop out
I don't mind, I think that she is wasting
my time now I'm glad she works at Wendys
serving frosty deserts for parole

I'm six feet tall you're very small your folder is hid
But I've seen it you dressed in only sanskrit
and it's your droze I'd had had slid

Dudufu wants to talk to you because unlike drew
you're worth talking to but when he's through with you he'll pound you into a goo


from Ascended Masters, released October 10, 2008




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